When is it OK to사설토토 Throw a Laptop?

I’ve played in the big Sunday event at 사설토토 three or four times in the past couple months, and I’ve actually cashed in it every time I’ve played. Yesterday’s event was $750k guaranteed, and around 3800 people showed up. I played pretty flawlessly the whole time. I was fortunate once to win two races – all-in for most of my chips with Ac-5c four flushed against pocket kings, then all-in with Q-Q against Ah-Kh and K-Q.
With about 80 players left, I had a little over 100,000 chips with the average being around 125,000, with the blinds at 3000-6000 and the antes 600. I picked up pocket aces in middle position and faced a raise right in front of me to 20,000. I played it coy and called. Everyone else got out of the way, and the flop came J-T-5 with two spades (I had the As). The pot was around 50,000, and that’s about what my opponent had. I knew he was moving in regardless of the flop, and he did. I instantly called, and he showed K-K, giving him about a 10% to win. I was already counting the chips, when the turn shot me down with a K. Ugh. I did have six outs (4 Q’s and 2 A’s), but none of them hit. I would have had around 200,000 chips and been top 20 in chips overall. Instead I was down to 30,000. A few hands later, I was knocked out with Ah-7h against the same guy holding K-Q. I did win $1200 for my efforts, but it’s a far cry from the first place prize of $133,000. Ugh. 75th place sounds good, but it could have been much more. Oh well.
Thankfully I was very calm about it. Bad beats happen, and it’s nice not to depend on those potential big winnings for my livelihood. Maybe next time.
Pop quiz: If I had had J-J on the hand I got knocked out on and flopped a set, I’m sure I would have been around a 90% favorite as well. But would I have been a bigger favorite than if I held A-A?
Neteller and US Finally Come to Agreement
It’s about time. Former United States Neteller customers will finally be able to withdraw their funds from their accounts, after months of being frozen. Supposedly there are some big, big accounts out there. A few of the players who did well in last year’s PokerStars WPT Event cashed out through Stars and Neteller – and then had their accounts frozen. Bad timing. Fortunately for me (but unfortunate at the time), I went on a losing streak right before the were seized. I know my friend Ben will be happy – he had close to $3K in there that he’s been waiting to get his hands on for a long time.
I don’t even know where to go these days if I were to start playing online again. Bodog did give me $110 to bribe me to play, and so far I’ve turned that into $1700, which is a nice little bonus. Thanks Bodog! But if I ever need to deposit money? Who knows – I really don’t want to put my money in any of them. Not that I don’t trust them – I just don’t trust the US to hold off putting the squeeze on all of these companies.
I heard from a guy I used to work with the other day, which was kind of strange. We worked together right out of college selling insurance – not child insurance or term life insurance, but medical malpractice insurance. We did a great job too, landing some huge contracts in North Carolina and Virginia. Unfortunately through some personal problems we couldn’t keep working together. But supposedly things are going well now, and he has an adorable little girl who he just worships. It’s interesting how kids can just totally change things either for better or for worse.
It’s been a long, long week. There are just some exciting things going on with the company I’m at plus some side ventures I’m getting started on. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to relax much, so I’m looking forward to this weekend. If I keep it up, I might need a hair transplant. Actually probably not, no one in my family is losing their hair. But I’m sure I’ll be going grey pretty soon (more than I am already anyway).