Voting for Online QQWIN99

Poker players in the United States are getting an opportunity to vote for President this year and perhaps they would like to know how the current contenders really line up on internet QQWIN99 regulation.
“The right to gamble has never been a pressing issue for most Americans and it may be years before Congress takes up the issue again, some industry experts say legalization is inevitable because of the potential tax revenue now going offshore to a thriving underground economy.”
However, who gets into the White House will have an effect on how quickly action is taken. Here is the current analysis of the Las Vegas Journal News on the three leading Democrat candidates.
Hillary Clinton: Supports the industry’s position: to study Internet gambling to see whether it can be fairly regulated so that individuals can safely participate in it and American businesses can compete in the international market.
John Edwards: Opposes legalization, doubting it can be controlled.
Barrack Obama: Worries that the Internet is “a Wild West of illegal activity”; supports a study of Internet gambling and supports regulation to address the worst abuses.
Now since the LVJ News did endorse Clinton, I thought I had better do a little research to be sure the positions stated were actually the case.
I have to say that Edwards has little if anything to say and none of it is pro-poker. Obama actually plays poker but his position is, as stated, very uninformed about the internet in general. Clinton maybe just another “say anything” politician but she is the only Democrat who has been positive about online poker over the long term. If you want a “pure play” vote for Dennis Kucinich, he has no chance of winning but he is pro-poker all the way. Maybe just an old fashion Pro-Poker Protest vote.
Australian Internet “Clean Feed”
In the continuing and ill-advisted attempt to control the Internet, the new Labour government in Australia is proposing a “Clean Feed.” The technically retarded bureaucrats led by prime minister Kevin Rudd are seeking to increase control and censorship of the Internet by regulating Internet Service Providers.
Rudd’s plan is to “require” ISPs to provide “clean feeds” that are free of porn and online gambling sites. Supporters of the plan assure that only sites on a (presumably government authored) blacklist will be blocked, and that citizens can opt-out if they wish.
“The Rudd Government campaigned on a platform promising to speed up Australians’ access to the worldwide web by rolling out broadband around the country, the blacklist enlistment of ISPs would have the opposite effect.”
Yet another example of a government with no understanding of personal freedom, much less an technical concept of how the infrastructure of the Internet functions.