The post with no meaningful title kodok99

I genuinely can’t think of a witty, appropriate or relevant title for this entry, so I thought it was best to admit to it 😉

This kodok99 blog isn’t quite dead, though I guess it’s on life support, and deservedly so. If you don’t update regularly and you don’t comment on other people’s efforts then what can you expect? I used to be very good at this but got a bit dispirited that some, though by no means all, people, never even had the courtesy to leave their calling card here even though I was pretty sure from the statistics that they were viewing.

Sometimes it’s difficult to comment – continually typing ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’ becomes a bit transparent and tedious. Mind you I suppose it’s better than nothing.

Perhaps people didn’t enjoy it? It’s hardly riveting stuff when I do post, and Pud’s assertion that my ramblings were akin to Shamus’s excellent and frequent offerings was highly flattering but undeserved in equal proportion.

Who knows? It matters nothing in the grand scheme of things. I’m still here, I feel inspired to write today, all be it I don’t have a lot to say. While one person who I’ve never met reads these pages it’s worth it, or at least that’s what the egotistical side of me says.

So…what have I been doing these past few weeks? I guess my transformation from a micro-stakes S&G player to a micro-stakes cash player is more or less complete. I rarely play sit and gos any more which is ironic given my early blog entries weren’t exactly complementary in relation to cash. I suppose that’s the online poker player summed up. Our tastes change, usually when we’ve reached breaking point on the game we’re currently playing.

I played Bloggerment the week before last out of a sense of history more than anything. It’s attracting very few players now and I don’t want it to die. Last night I tried to find the table but it wasn’t (for me) listed anywhere and I ended up searching for the players I guessed would be involved and got there just as registration closed. There were eight players. I missed the end as I was clearing up on a six handed NL25 table where there were many pots to be won as long as I concentrated. I believe Weegem or Mair won – congratulations J.

Anyway, back to the week before last. I wasn’t really attuned to good quality single table play, but gave it my best shot. I was comprehensively outplayed by Mair with her set of 7s which was disappointing. My natural game is to be tight, but I really believed my top pair top kicker was good at first and then I made a crying call I didn’t need to and I was down to a few chips. It was a bit embarrassing really – possibly my worst hand ever in Bloggerment, though that should take nothing away from Mair who did me like the proverbial kipper.

I’m so used to playing cash where such a call may be +EV in the long run (depending on opponent etc) that I didn’t value my life nearly enough.

I’m playing just about every micro stakes NLHE cash game there is in an attempt to find a blend which I can win at but at the same time learn things from. I even had a few hundred hands at NL50 which is so far out of my roll it’s unbelievable. I wasn’t out of my depth, but equally a few hands here and there where draws didn’t come off etc showed me the error of my ways and I withdrew gracefully with little damage done.

On an average day I can hammer the NL5 tables. The main problem is extracting value without letting people in for their draws. 95% of all bets can be read for what they are. There is very little value betting. People who go all in on the flop with about 50c in the middle are either very inexperienced or very stupid, and can be easily avoided until you get a hand and then more often than not it’s help yourself time. The same applies to NL10 although there is an appreciable increase in sensible play on the whole which means you need to be on your game a bit more.

As for NL25? As mentioned earlier I dabble a bit, but when I can have fun AND earn a bit of money at lower limits it seems a bit pointless. I’m never going to rip up the tables. There are internet professionals who started with less than me who were playing NL100 and higher within milliseconds of first logging in. Perhaps if I had been a student today rather than in 1987 I might have had the time and stamina to make something of myself in the game.

As it is I am perfectly satisfied with being a small scale winning player. In a world which appears to be collapsing around us (who outside the US had heard of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae before this morning?) it provides a welcome distraction, a bit of mental exercise in a totally different way to when I’m at work and unlike my salary will go on and on unless I pretend I’m a far better player than I am.

If you’re still reading then thank you very much indeed. I’ll try to stop by on your blogs as well, even if it’s only to post something brief and seemingly trivial. It all counts 🙂