The Best Judi Slot Online Casino and Some Great Bonuses

Togel Hongkong

Gambling Online Magazine has just been chosen InterCasino as the Best Online Casino of 2001, which is an impressive feat.

InterCasino features all of the Jackpot Mania progressive jackpots, including Rags to Riches, and Triple Olives. The new Spice Island poker jackpot is about to roll through $190,000, so be sure to check it out.

There are lots of bonuses at InterCasino as well, including a free $50 match deposit, the $100,000 Break the Bank contest, and the Find RyanH contest.

Find casino manager RyanH at one of the multi-player tables and win $100 to $1000. Increase the bonus by getting either a natural Blackjack or Two Pair or Higher on the Poker tables.

InterCasino has 35 games to choose from, as well as a multi-feature sportsbook.

Silver Dollar Casino

Silver Dollar Casino offers players a great Old West theme and a $50 welcome bonus with a first deposit of $50 or more. There are 25 games to choose from, including Silver Dollar’s own progressive slots, a progressive Caribbean poker, and all the usual casino favorites.

New players are eligible for a special $1,000 draw each month. Every new Togel Hongkong player that purchases and plays $100 will be entered into a draw for the one-time only additional welcome bonus.

There’s also a 10% bonus for Western Union and wire transfer bonuses, and the casino accepts Visa and MasterCard, FirePay, PayPal, ClearChex, Western Union, bank draft/money order, wire transfer or check.

Mango Casino

Mango Casino offers players a European-style online casino with great features. There is a built-in comps program, 24/7 customer support, free downloads, and online updates.

In addition to all that, players will receive a 20% sign-up bonus up to $100 and have the choice of download or no download games. Best of all, the 18 Java games are Mac compatible.

Mango accepts NetTeller, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

A Vegas Seal of Approval for Net Casinos?

The Nevada Gaming Commission has been looking into issuing online casino licenses since June of last year. But the commission isn’t the only official body that’s got an eye on the Net.

Las Vegas city council has voted 6-1 in favor of exploring the idea of using the city seal to endorse Internet wagering sites – in exchange for a fee. And even though the idea may sound questionable, it’s hard for some people to ignore the benefits.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that it is “imperative to explore the potential of raising billions of dollars” through these types of partnerships. He further noted that the city “would be derelict not to explore [this option].”

One of the key issues that will be addressed is whether these types of partnerships are legal. Councilwoman Lynette Boggs McDonald voted against the measure for that reason, noting the U.S. Department of Justice’s prohibition on online gambling.

“The bottom-line principle for me is that this is illegal in the U. S., and I personally will not be party to directing our staff to pursue illegal activities,” said McDonald.

Dennis Neilander, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, also expressed concerns about the plan. Neilander told the Associated Press that he wasn’t sure if it was possible to block certain players or prevent minors from wagering online.

The idea of selling the city’s seal of approval to an online casino isn’t a new one. Vegas city council was involved in discussions with the owners of about the city’s endorsement of an Australian-based casino for nearly a year and a half.

Goodman supported the plan but the deal fell through when city councilors couldn’t agree on whether to support the proposal. Under the proposed deal, the casino operator would have paid the city 25 percent of the net profits and 5 percent of the casino’s gross revenue.

Council is expecting a report on the matter in the first week of February 2002.