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Late Stage Play Cheri Casino

When you’ve reached the late stage of a tournament your aim is obviously to get into the money.  The  blinds are very big at this stage and play is becoming short-handed. If you want to reach the top spots you have to make some moves.


If you have an average or large Cheri Casino poker chips stack, you should play very aggressively when you get the chance. Make big raises even though your cards are not that strong. On the other hand, you need a really good hand to call another player’s raise. In general you should only go up against players with smaller stacks than you, since they will be afraid to get knocked out. This tactic will help you steel a lot of pots and further strengthen your position. Players with big stacks should be avoided unless you have really strong cards.


If you have a small stack (but not desperately small) it might be a good idea to play a tighter game. If you’re really close to the money you can wait for other players to get knocked out. You won’t win the tournament this way but you at least will get something. If you’re in a desperate situation you have to pick a hand and move all-in with it. If you’re really lucky you might get back into the game.


Hopefully, this advice will get you into the money. When you’re there aggression is the name of the game. With a small stack you need to start steeling blinds right away. With a big stack you should put a lot of pressure on the medium stacks. The Cheri Casino ideal is when you’re either three or four handed and one player has a desperately small stack. If you put the middle player all-in …