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Turning The Tables Cruise Diary with casino en ligne francais



The fourth annual european poker cruise took place recently. An international group including players from England, Italy, France, Spain, Scotland, Australia and America set sail aboard Festival cruise lines luxurious European Vision. They would experience fine food, beautiful weather and a different port of call each day to explore and enjoy. Oh yes, and a little bit of poker aswell. As the manager of the poker room I didn’t have time to take in all the sights and sounds but here is my diary for the week.


Sunday 14th September – Venice

Although the ship didn’t sail until 4.00pm I found myself on the docks at 8.00am waiting for the ship to arrive so we (myself, Claudio and Luca – the organisers of the cruise) could take all the tables and things on board and set about transforming the ship’s business centre into a poker room for the week. After all this was done it was up to the top deck to watch the breathtaking view as the European Vision slowly left port passing St Mark’s square and the Doge’s palace on its way out into the open sea.


Monday 15th September – Dubrovnik

I’m afraid I missed this picturesque medieval port due to catching up on some much needed sleep after the previous days exertions. I have been there before though, and the walk along the walls of the fortress provides panoramic views and is well worth doing. On a poker note Emile Elias captured the opening Limit Hold’em tournament and the live games established for the week were Pot Limit dealers choice and Limit Hold’em 6 – 12. Both of which went well into the night.


Tuesday 16th September – Corfu

Very sorry, didn’t make it off the ship again. If you want …