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How to Win The Inner Game of Bandarq Poker

The river is dealt, it seems innocuous, but then your opponent shows his hand. The pot is being shipped to his destination and you start getting hot because he just sucked out on you. This is the definition of a bad beat. You no longer care about anything and start raising it up.

The minutes turn to hours and you’re still sitting at the poker table. Losing an ever increasing amount of money. But you do not care because it is not fair that he sucked out on you. It is absurd.

You know why you’re reading this article. This happens to all of us and you are not an exception. I am glad you’re reading this because that makes you one of the few that have the guts to take a hold of this phenomenon. It is not easy to face yourself and improve in this way.

If you take simple steps then you will easily get your black belt in the art of tiltlessness. All I ask of you is perseverance.

It is easy to lose control in a poker game, especially when things aren’t going your way. And your mind can trick you, tell you that everything is alright when in fact you are donating money!

Here are 5 simple steps on how to minimize tilt:

  1. What Are You Afraid Of? – I’ll begin. I am afraid of losing money and not having enough. You see, I am a professional poker player and I make my living off of playing poker and if I lose I can’t live (harshly put). What are you afraid of? Why are you acting like a lunatic when you get bad beat a few times at the poker tables?
  2. Goals – Recently I have begun to visualize what my goal is before

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