Slot Gacor Hari Ini Tourney

Saturday, I played in a really tough Slot Gacor Hari Ini tournament. And I mean it was really tough. Check out one of the “nice” guys there…

I started off slowly. The rebuy period was for the first 2 levels and I folded through most of the pin up first level. Somehow, I was still short stacked by the second level. There was a hand that was raised to 75 with 25/25 blinds. I reraised to 250 and was reraised to like 700 by the button. The player was fairly tight, so I folded my tens and he showed aces.

A couple hands later, I pushed the rest of my chips in and had to rebuy. The very next hand, with the blinds at 25/50, someone raised to something like 150 and there were three callers, the player to my right moved all-in for about 2700. I had AQ and knew that he could make that move with a middle pair and with all of the extra money in the pot, I called. Everyone pin up else folded and he shows 5-5. I hit a queen on the river and double up.

From there, the rebuy period ended and they had a double add-on for 4000 chips. I bought it and was up to about 8500. A little after the break, I moved to another table. At the new table, I was really short stacked. My first table had about 7 rebuys between the 10 players. The new table had about 25. That meant that there was roughly about 40,000 more in chips at this table.

One hand, with a big stack to my right in the SB and me in the BB, I limp in to the pot with 78. The blinds are 150/300 and the flop comes 2-7-7. The SB checks and I bet 1500. Everyone folds to the SB who calls. At this point, I really have a feeling that I’m beat. There were no draws on the flop, so I think he has a seven with a higher kicker. The turn is another 7 and the SB checks. I no longer think he has a seven, so I check. The river is a 10 and SB checks. I move all-in for about 6000 and the SB folds his hand and disgustedly shows 2-2. Oof. What a horrible turn for him.

When we were down to 20 players, I was UTG and raised to 2000 with the blinds at 300/600. The SB called and the BB reraised to 6500. I had AQ. I had about 10,000 left. The SB and BB both had over 30,000 so they were hurting for chips. I thought it was a defensive bet for some reason, so I moved all-in. The SB folded and the BB thought for a long while. It was about 6500 to win about 20000. He thought and thought and finally folded his middle pair. I would have probably called since there was a pretty big pot, but since he ended up winning the tournament, he probably made the right move.

The blinds moved up again and I lost a couple pots and was down to about 4000. With AQ, I moved all-in. The player to my left reraised to about 10,000 and the SB called. The first player had KK and the second had JJ. No help on the flop and I went out in 12th place.

After the tournament, I jumped in the cash game. There were a couple big hands like when we were 4 handed and the button raised to $4 with $0.50/$1 blinds. The BB reraised to $20 and the button moves all-in for $100. The BB calls and shows KK and the button shows 44.

I got lucky and hit some hands and was up to about $550 from initial $100 buy-in. The button raised to $6 and I was in the SB with KK and called. Since I like to see flops, I wanted to call and see what happened. Unfortunately, 2 other players also call. The flop comes Qc7h5h and I bet $16. The player to my left raises to $45 and the other players fold. I put her on something like AQ, so I was a little torn between moving all-in and just calling. I decide to just call and the turn is a 4d. I check and she moves all-in for about $100. I still think I have the best hand, so I call. She shows 6-8 and I see that I’m drawing dead.

It was a fun night with some good food. I might try to get to the casino in the next couple weeks, so I might have a new post soon.