Pai Gow and The slot hoki Human Response

When I next looked at my watch, it was nearing 2am. I think. The WPBT Holiday Classic was slated to begin in eleven hours. The meet and greet session with slot hoki the pros was supposed to begin in eight hours. I realized I was fabulously ill-equipped to play poker at any level.
Well, almost any level.
I’d been playing poker for fourteen straight hours. I’d been drinking for almost that entire time. All of my old friends and new friends had arrived. And somehow I’d bled away a rack of chips.
I made a decision that seemed to be the best possible.
It was time for some Pai Gow.
I have an Otisian Axiom that goes a little something like this: When you’re too drunk to play cards, play Pai Gow.
So, I stood, rounded up the Missouri boys, and headed for the Pai Gow tables.
A few years ago, the Missouri boys and I found heaven in the form of $5 Pai Gow at the Barbary Coast. We’d sit for hours, playing five bucks a hand, pushing nearly every hand, drinking free drinks, and watching the hot girls walk into Drai’s for the late night dancing.
Since then, once we hit that point at which movement is ill-advised, we sit at a Pai gow table until bedtime.
And so we sat, screaming “Pai Gow!” at the top of our lungs when the dealer turned up her ten-high Pai Gows. Several bloggers walked by and I found myself outed as an occasional -EV player.
I’d like to write more about the experience, but, as often happens on my first night in Vegas, I was quickly becoming ill-equipped to play any kind of cards.
Even Pai Gow.
By 5am, I had dropped about $100 (unthinkable at Pai Gow) with $25 and $50 bets (oh, how I long for the days of the Barbary Coast).
The boys were looking for some grub and were about to go in search of the McDonalds.
“Gentlemen,” I said, “I’m ill-equipped. I’m hitting the sack.”
If I went to sleep right then, I could get a good five hours sleep, then make a slightly late entrace to the meet and greet at Sam’s Town.
I was proud of myself. I’d survived being awake for 26 hours. I’d survived a 17 hour bender. I was still standing and not puking. I hated myself for losing a couple black chips on my first night in Vegas. But, I play well from behind and knew I’d make it up in the coming days.
Now, it was time to sleep.
I wandered through the casino until I found the signs for Tower 1. I wandered past the poker room where BadBlood and G-Rob were sitting at a NL table. Neither of them looked too happy.
I was within 100 yards of the elevator, just ten floors away from blissful slumber, when I heard it.
There, at the bar, sat Daddy, Iggy, and Big Mike.
And they were drinking.
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