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Online casinos are sprouting like mushrooms after a heavy rainfall, but very few have an established track record. One exception is Lucky Nugget Online Casino.

WINNERonline talked with Lucky Nugget’s casino manager, Macey Herriot, to find out a little more about this increasingly popular casino and what they have to offer players.

WINNERonline: Players have lots of casinos to choose from these days. What does Lucky Nugget offer to make it the players’ choice?

Lucky Nugget: Lucky Nugget believes in complete customer satisfaction and entertainment value. In order to ensure that, we have regular promotions tailored specifically to players’ needs. We also provide a free weekly newsletter and 24/7 customer support via e-mail and toll free telephone lines.

One of the other things we have introduced for real-money players is automatic entry into the Prospectors Club, where you earn cash back as you play, and free entry into our gift certificate draw.

We want players to have a good time and win when they come to Lucky Nugget. We offer Vegas odds or better, as certified by PricewaterhouseCoopers, with all certification available on our web site.

And all of that is on top of the huge variety of 789 casino games offered at Lucky Nugget, including five progressive games.

Wo: Not many casinos offer as generous a bonus as Lucky Nugget [the $110 bonus]. Why do you offer such a large bonus, and do you think that has attracted more customers?

LN: It has definitely attracted more players … and once they join, they don’t leave! We want people to get a taste of the exciting casino action they can experience at the Lucky Nugget, and want to start people on their winning ways from the word go.

Wo: Bonus abuse has become a real issue with casino operators. Has this been a problem for Lucky Nugget?

LN: Yes and no. We have dedicated staff that are constantly monitoring the situation. We also spend a lot of time developing new and innovative ways of dealing with such matters.

Wo: How many winners do you choose each month for your ‘Recommend a Friend’ promotion? Are there a maximum number of people players can recommend and still be eligible for the draw?

LN: We randomly select one winner out of all the players who recommend their friends during a particular month. You may enter as many times as you wish – each entry allows players to recommend three friends.

Wo: Could you tell us a little more about your $600 Lucky Draw? How often is it awarded, and how long will this promotion be running?

LN: The $600 voucher draw is drawn once per month, with all that particular month’s entrants. The promotion has been running since December 2000. Prior to that, we gave away digital cameras and other electronic goods, and we will continue to change the prizes in the future.

Wo: What is the purpose of the Prospector’s Club, and why do you offer it to your players?

LN: Lucky Nugget values the patronage of our players and rewards them with the Prospectors Club. (All of our Real Account holders automatically qualify as members of the Prospector’s Club). Every US$10 wager earns the player 1 (one) point, which applies to all games.

At the beginning of each month we calculate these points and credit the player’s Casino Account, at a rate of US$10 per 1,000 points. Points are paid out in units of one thousand (1,000). Amounts of less than 1,000 points are carried over to the next month

Wo: From the testimonials that appear on the site, customer service seems to be a priority at Lucky Nugget. Why is that?

LN: Lucky Nugget prides itself on the fact that we have been in the online casino industry for a considerable length of time in comparison to other online casinos [since 1998], and we are constantly striving to ensure our customers enjoy exciting online casino action. Testament to this is the award our support staff recently received from Casino Player Magazine for customer service.

Wo: What are the most popular casino games at Lucky Nugget?

LN: Every gambler has his/her personal favorites that they like to play, so all the games get their fair share of people playing them a number of times on any given day.

Wo: What is your most popular game at the moment?

LN: The huge jackpots people can win on the progressive games (both slots and the poker) are very popular and we’ve had a number of big winners recently. Some of these include Vic M., who won an amazing $102,685.17 on the 12th of March on the CashSplash progressive slot machine. On the same day, Kim C. won $42,143.81 on the FruitFiesta progressive slot machine.

Wo: Not many casinos offer multi-hand blackjack. Are there any other special or unique games offered at Lucky Nugget?

LN: It was with great pleasure that we were able to introduce SupaJax to our Lucky Nugget players recently. SupaJax is the Internet’s first online progressive video poker and is proving to be very popular indeed. We’ve had some very happy winners already, including Karin H. who won $11,645.45 on the 13th of March.

Wo: Assuming I won money at Lucky Nugget, how long will it take me to collect my winnings?

LN: We’re proud to offer you 3 fast and convenient ways of retrieving your winnings. We’ll start by refunding your cash-ins against your original purchases (i.e. if you cash-in the same amount you purchased, the money will go back to your credit card(s)).

You have the following options for real-money winnings. The first is ACH, which is a free payment option that takes up to 5 business days to reflect in your bank account. This is by far the best option for our American players. The second is check, which is free of charge and takes about 10 days to reach you (depending on where in the world you live). Anyone can select this option. Finally, there are FedEx checks. If you’re in a great hurry to receive your new fortune, we can courier a check to you within 5 days for just $35 (or quicker if you live in major city).

Wo: We know that some credit card companies are restricting the use of credit cards at online casinos. Has this been a problem for you?

LN: To some extent yes, but we have alternate arrangements for our players and will continue to source new and improved methods for our players to purchase casino credits.

Wo: Do you accept wagers from the U.S.?

LN: It is entirely at the player’s discretion and their decision to play at Lucky Nugget.

Wo: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Lucky Nugget?

LN: Lucky Nugget is definitely the online casino to visit for everyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for riches. We offer encrypted credit card protection, free casino software, Vegas odds or better, great promotions, newsletters and special offers, access to the Cash Back club, and an incredible $110 sign-up bonus.

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