Is Online Poker A Good Thing with casino en ligne?

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Poker PlayerAs Online Poker Rooms enjoy a market boom, are brick and mortar poker rooms becoming a thing of the past? Surely as much as the game itself, poker is all about the sound of chips, the shuffle of cards, the clink of ice in a whiskey glass and the smell of cigars.


But it would seem that the sudden surge in online popularity has not been at the expense of the brick and mortar. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the two compliment each other. Online poker is allowing the game to expand and grow, modernizing poker and attracting a new wave of young players.


For new players, online poker provides a perfect environment in which to hone your skills and is less intimidating than the first trip into the casino rooms. For more experienced players, online tournaments offer the chance to win what may otherwise be an unaffordable entrance fee to brick and mortar tournaments. Just look at Moneymaker who managed to turn a $40 online tournament fee into $2.5 million at the World Series of Poker. It can be done!


Even better, online poker rooms usually offer free bonus money when you start playing on their sites. You may have to surf around for the best deal, but it’s still worth taking advantage of and you’ll also save money not having to tip the dealer. Also if you have ever been frustrated queuing for a seat at a casino, online, people are playing twenty four seven and the level of competition between online poker rooms will mean that you will never have a problem finding a game. And, forget jumping on the bus, you can play online in the comfort of your own home where the quiet atmosphere will most likely better your level of concentration whilst you still enjoy the thrill of the game in a secure environment.


All this sounding good? Well there’s more! Online, experienced players won’t be able to read your expression so if you’re a player who has a few tells that give you away, you’ll suddenly find yourself at an advantage! You may also have heard that one of the key elements to being a successful poker player is keeping accurate records. This is automatically done for you online meaning you know exactly how much you have spent and exactly how much you have cashed in.


There is very little that cheaters can do online. No one can mark the cards, no one can peek at your hole cards, and no one can stack the deck or put a cold deck on the table. Playing poker online is very safe. I know this is a concern for many casino en ligne players but it is easy to put your mind at rest. Most card rooms should have information available about secure play on their websites. Look out for anti-collusion prevention and information on random card generators. This should be monitored by an external source for extra piece of mind.


For these very reasons, millions of people are enjoying the lure of online poker as well as playing their usual home games, or in their local casinos. But watch out for the person in your home game who also plays online. The extra experience they gain will mean they’ll soon be walking off with your hard earned dollars!