Hold the Phone on Mobile토토사이트 검증 Gambling

♣ Hold the Phone on Mobile Gambling ♣
A Nevada company is hoping to win the business of토토사이트 검증 gaming operators around the world with a new technology it says could port casino games onto mobile phones.
The so-called m Casino technology is intended to give casinos a way to keep customers happy — read: playing and betting — even when they’re away from the tables.
“It’s a simple concept when you think about it,” says Peter French, communications director at Casino Phone Technologies the company developing m Casino, “and what makes it fly is that both the casino industry and casino users want the product.”
♣ But Casino Phone Technologies shouldn’t expect to see its m Casino products operating in the United States any time soon, say those familiar with the technology and current federal legislation….
“It’s an excellent idea,” says Mark Balestra, vice president of publishing for the River City Group a clearinghouse for gaming industry information. “They would make a lot of money doing it, but it’s subject to approval, and I don’t see it getting approved.”
According to investment wizard Warren Buffet – Casino Gambling Is For Suckers
Excerpt ♣ OMAHA � Investment wizard Warren Buffett often says that he doesn�t give tips on investing, but he will tell you that putting your money into casino gambling is a sucker’s bet.
The annual gathering of Berkshire-Hathaway investors usually includes a news conference, and this year Buffett took the opportunity blast proposals that would allow casino gambling in Nebraska.
�It�s a tax on ignorance,� Buffett said. �I don�t like the idea of the government depending, for certain portions of its revenue, on hoodwinking citizens..
Gamblog comment : Yawn – Also i gather some people think people as rich of the likes of Warren Buffet are parasites. Me – I just yawn all day and pay other ignorance taxes.
♣ Tyson’s manager Shelly Finkel, stated to the media in a telephone conference that that plan is still for Mike Tyson to come back to the ring on July 31 against Irish fighter Kevin McBride. Finkel said that talks are still going on for a venue and there is a possibility that the fight could land on pay per view. The future plans also havent changed, Finkel wants Tyson to fight in July, once in October and have a showdown with undefeated Joe Mesi in December.
♣ We should have something definite by next week,’ Finkel said. ‘There’s a lot of anticipation for him (Tyson) to come back.
♣ Freddie Roach, one of best trainers in the game, said he will train Tyson again, beginning next month in Phoenix. Roach previously trained Tyson for his bout with Clifford Etienne.
♣ I think he can beat any of the four guys out there that are champions.’ said Roach, ‘He just needs to have discipline and get in shape”