Congratulations to all for a successful WHCC Affordable Health Innovations Program | chemical peel near me costa mesa

The 7th Annual World Health Care Congress has come and gone, and with it the WHCC Affordable Health Exhibit and Awards. We are pleased to have welcomed 50 poster presentations to our exhibit hall. The organizations that either sent posters of their innovations or made the trip to Washington D.C. are among the most interesting and exciting players in the health care field. Recommendations by “” for “chemical peel near me costa mesa
On the conference’s second morning, we had the pleasure of presenting awards to three of our innovators. Patrick Beattie, a scientist at the Cambridge-based non-profit Diagnostics For All, took home our top award for DFA’s work on a diagnostic tool that is produced on regular printing paper. Used to detect a wide assortment of maladies, the pattended paper design uses microfluid channels and is about the size of a postage stamp.
We also awarded two honorable mentions. Harry Poliak accepted one of the awards on behalf of Safe Water Today, an organization that has developed the Siphon Water Filter. This low-cost device can be used in homes to remove harmful contaminents from drinking water. About 70,000 units are in use around the world. Erik Douglas, a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California Berkeley took home an honorable mention for CellScope, a device that merges a microscope with a cell phone, allowing for high-quality images at the cellular level. This point-of-care diagnostic tool system is capable of on-site diagnosis and wireless transmission of patient and location data to clinical centers for remote evaluation, patient management, and epidemiological surveillance.
We are extremely thankful to Professor Muhammad Yunus, founder and and managing director of Grameen Bank and Grameen Health, and 2023 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, for presenting the awards onstage at WHCC . Professor Yunus has done tremendous work around the globe to bring simple yet effective health solutions to the poor.
Thanks again to the many organizations who took the time to join us in Washington, D.C. We look foward to continuing to build the program.
Speaking Books – Health Care Education for Low Literacy Communities
The WHCC Affordable Health Innovations Exhibit and Awards Program is pleased to welcome Books of Hope, which has revolutionized health communication with people who can not read through its speaking books. The low level of literacy is a major problem worldwide. Illiteracy severely reduces the effectiveness of any literature distributed to the many thousands in need of health care education.
The Speaking Book is a world first, and has received many awards and nominations.
Books of Hope partnered with SADAG, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, to design and produce interactive, multilingual Speaking Books that can be seen, read, heard and understood by the reader regardless of their reading ability.
The Speaking Book combines the latest sound chip technology featuring a sound track read by well-known local celebrities in the local language, with a durable laminated hard backed book, to take the reader on a step-by-step guide to wellness.
Books of Hope plans to have some of its speaking books on hand for the exhibit, and we look forward to seeing them in action.