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Situs Judi QQ Terpercaya sekarang menjadi pilihan terbaik bagi para pecinta permainan kartu Domino saat ini.

Kartu Domino memang terkenal dengan kartu yang banyak di mainkan untuk berbagai jenis permainan Domino ,termasuk DominoQQ yang menjadi permainan terbaik nya.


DominoQQ adalah permainan yang di mainkan dengan kartu Domino dan menggunakan 4 buah kartu domino yang di bagi ke masing2 player.

Biasa nya permainan ini dapat kita jumpai di pengeluaran hk acara tertentu atau di perkumpulan tertentu dan di mainkan di tempat yang tertutup untuk menghindari Polisi.

Di Indonesia memainkan permainan ini bisa terkena hukuman bila kita memainkan dengan uang asli.


Ya Indonesia memang negara hukum dan melarang perjudian,maka dari itu sangat tidak aman bila kita main permainan Judi DominoQQ secara langsung.

Tapi tenang aja sekarang ada DominoQQ Online yang bisa di mainkan secara online dan bebas di mainkan secara aman dan nyaman dimana saja.



Seperti yang baru kita bahas DominoQQ Online kini sudah ada,dan sangat banyak Situs Judi Online yang memberikan permainan Judi QQ di Situs nya.

Nama permainan Judi QQ atau DominoQQ di Situs Judi online adalah Domino99.

Jadi jika kita ingin bermain permainan Judi QQ atau permainan DominoQQ Online maka pilih lah permainan Domino99.


Soal nya sampai sekarang masih banyak member yang suka permainan Judi QQ tapi tidak tau nama permainan nya di Situs Judi Online.

BandarQ terkadang di kira adalah permainan Judi QQ ,padahal yang benar adalah Domino99.

BandarQ Online itu permainan yang menggunakan kartu Domino juga tapi hanya memainkan 2 buah kartu saja.

Jadi memang sangat berbeda permainan BandarQ dan DominoQQ.


Mari kita bahas lebih detail gmn caranya main di Situs Judi QQ Online dan di Situs Judi apa yang benar2 fair play dan terpercaya untuk di mainkan ?


Togel Online

WSOP Togel Online Ratings Up Slightly: Phil Ivey Still An Issue




Through 10 episodes, the 2009 WSOP has earned an average rating of .75, which translates to 741,311 household impressions. That is up about 3 percent from 2008’s .73 rating through this time period, which translated to 704,826 household impressions, according to ESPN.


The real test will come with the “nearly live” World Series of Poker final to be played out and broadcast in November.


What should be a blockbuster event thanks to the “Tiger Woods of Poker” making the cut, Phil Ivey, is anything but.  So far, he’s a practical “no show” on the promo circuit.  Michele Clayborne, who oversees Team Full Tilt, has remained aloof and unavailable for comment.’s own Tom Somach addressed the issue recently.


“The folks who run the World Series of Poker (WSOP) are asking, ‘Where is Phil?’, writes Somach.


“WSOP brass were thrilled Ivey made the “November Nine”-the nickname given to the nine final tablists who will resume play in November after a four-month break-because the envisioned a public relations bonanza for the WSOP.


“Well-known, easy-going and affable champ Ivey would give the WSOP Main Event a real shot in the arm-everyone would want to interview the handsome, intelligent and articulate pro.


“The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Letterman, Oprah, Larry King-they’d all want him, WSOP officials thought. It would be tremendous publicity for the WSOP, the Main Event and the game of poker. Perhaps the most publicity ever.


“But there’s just one problem. It hasn’t happened. Ivey has been scarcer on the media scene than a penguin in a desert.”


In fact the last big Togel Online news blast about Phil Ivey came from none other than Tom Somach’s report featured on about his absence.  That was over a week …

Fishing Game online




The best casino games, like the best comic book superheroes, are immortal. When you log on to an online casino, you’re looking for the ultimate gaming experience, but you’re also looking for a timeless game starring an unforgettable character. In other words, there’s no better gambling experience than Titan Casino’s Thor slot machines.


Titan Casino has a number of exciting slots to offer these days, many of them featuring prominent Marvel heroes like Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America. But there’s nothing quite like the Thor slots game for an intense, gripping online casino gambling experience. If you want to play slots, why not play with a god?


Thor through the Ages

Thor got his start in 1962, as the brainchild of legendary comic book creator Stan Lee. He first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83, published in August of that year, a comic scripted by Larry Lieber and penciled by Jack Kirby. He was based on Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology, but his character arrives on Earth in the form of Donald Blake, a human medical student.


The god’s father, Odin, wants him to learn humility, and he hopes that walking the earth and working through school will teach him a lesson. But when Blake witnesses the arrival of aliens in Norway, he flees and winds up discovering the hammer of Thor, which transforms him into a thunder god. Suddenly, he’s blessed with superpowers like immortality and an incredible amount of strength.


After making his comic book debut, Thor went on to star in several ongoing series and become the founding member of The Avengers, appearing in each volume.


Thor on the Big Screen

Perhaps Thor’s greatest moment was when he arrived in movie theaters worldwide in 2011. A …

online slots betting




There are some exciting new features about to be released at Titan Casino to make your online gaming experience even more exciting. These are but a few:


New Roulette Enhancements – If you’re already a fan of online roulette, you’re about to love it even more with these great new additions including autoplay which allows for quicker and easier repeat bets, a 3D view option so you can see the roulette table from a completely different position, and a statistics window so you can keep an eye on the results of all recent roulette games (and maybe use them for inspiration).  To add a little control to this game of chance, there’s also a ‘Stop’ button that lets you choose when the wheel stops.


Mini Games – While our Live Dealer online slots betting Games are as exciting and interactive as they come in terms of online casino games, at Titan Casino we’re always looking to improve on what was once considered perfect. That’s why we’re now adding the option of playing any one of our three Mini Games – Mini Football Rules, Mini Desert Treasure  or Mini Frankie Dettori’s™ Magic Seven – as you play our Live Games. That means you can play (and win!) more than one game at the same time.


Flash Gadget – With this fun casino gadget (if you’re a Windows Vista or Window 7 user) you can now save your top three games directly to your desktop for easy and immediate access whenever you want to play. To save your favorite three games simply log in to the Flash casino, click the ‘thumbs up’ icon (along the top bar of any game) and select the ‘Gadget’ option.




Halloween is just …





Story In the 13th century the emperor Kubla Kahn, a grandson of the legendary Genghis Kahn, ruled a huge empire in Eastern Asia. He was a just leader, and his land grew in fame and wealth.

He started a contest. Once a year, the cleverest and best caravan leader in his empire was determined.

Caravan offers the players to reenact this dramatic event as the caravan leaders.

Mongolia. There even is a festival, which is dedicated to the camel, the ‘festival of the ten thousand camels’. The festival’s highlight is an 18 kilometers camel race. And the winner gets… right, a camel.




  1. A) AMATEUR / NOVICE RACE is a 10 kilometre race with camel handlers, run from Yare Club, through Maralal town and back to the finish line at Yare Club. Camel handlers are provided by camel owners.


  1. B) SEMI PROFESSIONAL CAMEL RACE/INTERMEDIATE CYCLING RACE is a 30 km race starting at Yare Club, and making two circuits through town, and over part of the professional course. The usual time for this race is 2 hours for camels and 40 minutes for cyclists.


  1. C) PROFESSIONAL CAMEL RACE, ELITE CYCLING RACE is a marathon of 42 kilometres run over a measured distance and passing through Maralal town on the circuit. This race is run without any handlers or other assistance at all, the winner being a combination of camel and rider alone. The start/finish line is on the main road at Yare Club. Winners in the cycling races will earn International ranking points.


Australia. Six years ago the sport received a huge boost, when the president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, decided to sponsor an annual camel race in Sydney, in the hope …

Togel Hongkong

Welcome to New Slots Online Togel Hongkong



At New Slots Online, you’ll find reviews and information about the newest slots online. Each new slot review has a game description, a screenshot of the new slot game, and a short list of trusted casinos where the new slot machine is available. Three brand new slots online include Candy Cottage, Kitty Glitter, and Golden Lotus.


When choosing an online casino, it’s important to find one that you can trust. A few trustworthy online casinos include All Star Slots (Review), Slots Galore (Review), and SlotoCash Casino (Review). My complete list of trusted casinos appears here.


Thanks for visiting New Slots Online. Have a great day!


Golden Lotus Slots

Golden Lotus is a new slot machine with an attractive Chinese garden theme. As you play the game, you’ll see images of golden lotuses, white lotuses, Chinese symbols, bright green jade idols, priceless blue and gold vases, and a Chinese Geisha. Golden Lotus was released in late February 2010 at the brand new Players from around the world can play this game for fun or with real money, including all U.S. and Canadian players.


The golden lotus symbol substitutes for all other symbols to create winning combinations, except for the scattered white lotus. If you’re lucky enough to land 5 golden lotuses on an active payline, you’ll win 8,888 coins!


Golden Lotus has a bonus feature called the Chinese Garden Feature. This is triggered when 3 or more golden lotuses appear anywhere on your screen. When this happens, 8 golden lotuses will be presented, and you’ll get to pick 4 of them. Each golden lotus will award up to 100 times the triggering bet, or up to 20 free spins. During the free spins, the white lotus symbols are changed to golden lotus symbols …

togel singapore

Togel Singapore BetOnSports Plead Guilty to US Court



Online gaming firm, BetOnSports, submitted a guilty plea to a federal court in Missouri to charges of money laundering and racketeering. Its founder, Gary Kaplan recently denied the same charges.


The London-based company will now faces fines of up to $500,000 (£251,880), plus billions of pounds in forfeitures and the return of money held on behalf of US account holders. BetOnSports will also supply witnesses and evidence in the continuing case against its founder Mr Kaplan and former CEO David Carruthers as part of the agreement to avoid further criminal prosecution.


Both men remain under arrest pending trial.


US attorney Catherine Hanaway stated that the plea “should put an end to the BetOnSports illegal gambling empire.”


According to the Togel Singapore lawyer representing BetOnSports, Jeffrey Demerath, the firm will now cease operations and be wound up.


Betfair backs new venture Virgin Bets


Virgin Games is launching a branded betting service, Virgin Bets in a bid to capitalise on the burgeoning on gambling sector and on the growing public interest in entertainment and novelty bets.


The new venture has been launched with bookmakers Betfair and will be supported by an online campaign.


Virgin Bets will take bets on sports events and entertainment such as the winner of this year’s Big Brother. It will initially cover entertainment, football, cricket, golf, greyhounds, motor sport, rugby and tennis, with horseracing to come later this year.


Virgin Games chief executive Simon Burridge says: “Virgin Games is all about fun and entertainment, so novelty betting is a good fit for the brand.


Although entertainment betting is seen as a sideline by most of the traditional bookies, we believe it is a market with huge potential. Every year, millions of people spend millions of pounds …


Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy Released by Ultimate Generasitogel Bet.



In a buzz that has been hitting the internet poker forums pretty hard, it looks as if online poker legend Cliff Josephy was released by his former employers over at Ultimate Bet this week.  The man known as “JohnnyBax” on the virtual felt confirmed in a post over at the 2+2 community that he was informed by management that he would no longer be representing the company either through online promotions or live tournaments.


The full thread can be found here –> J.B. Released by U.B.


As many people already know, Josephy disappointed many of the followers that made him the household name he is today by signing on with a site that cheated its players out of millions following the UB/AP scandal fallout.  The original founder of the popular training site over at didn’t have much to say other than this over at TwoPlusTwo:


GamingPromo Affiliate Program Launches


In a move to establish a presence in the affiliate program market, IGMD Ltd has announced the launching of its new affiliate program,


The GamingPromo Affiliate Program ( brings together under one roof all of the tools and resources that a webmaster needs to run a successful affiliate campaign.


GamingPromo has created a quality affiliate program, partnering up with some of the leaders in the online gaming industry, such as veteran City Club Casino ( and the newly released Race Track Casino (, both of which are based on the acclaimed Playtech gaming software.


GamingPromo was developed by IGMD Ltd after months of extensive research. The company hopes to revolutionize the conventional affiliate program by bringing a new type of online affiliate to the playing field. They have brought in an affiliate staff with extensive experience in the online gaming …

Become an expert at Data HK gambling



Gambling is fun and nobody wants to argue on this point, but besides fun, gambling is a very serious occupation that requires a player’s attention, skills and knowledge. Gambling does not imply sitting at a table deep in thought of what number to choose to take a step forward to being rich. To become a good player you’ll have to analyze all the time and, of course, be ready to risk.


The most important thing in gambling is rules. If you don’t get at least the basics, you will be more likely to lose, unless you’re super lucky. If you are willing to gain some gambling experience of a great value or pick some useful tips, attend gambling conferences. There you’ll have a chance to make an acquaintance with professional players.


There are numerous reasons why online gambling has taken the first place with many players. First of all, playing within your apartment is utterly convenient, since there are no formalities, no dress code. Secondly, there are two online casino versions you can use: a java-based version and a downloadable version that is supposed to enable a faster interactivity with casino games.


Your image is very important as well as you deal with other Data HK players who are people, not machines. According to your way of gambling they will decide how to act.


A Blackjack star


In 1970 appeared a star that struck all casinos and Blackjack players. He could earn a fortune in some casino, then switch to another and win a big deal there. His name was Ken Uston. Besides his gambling talents, he was an author of team work strategy at Blackjack. Card-counting was easy for him, that’s why he was called “the genius card-counter”.


At the age …


Agen Bola Sbobet Bandarqq Terpercaya



Agen Bola Sbobet Terpercaya | Sepak bola, siapa yang tidak tahu dengan olahraga yang satu ini? olahraga yang sangat erat kaitannya dengan laki-laki adalah olahraga yang sangat di gemari oleh banyak orang. Olahraga sepak bola yang banyak di gemari ini adalah olahraga yang sering di jadikan oleh banyak orang sebagai olahraga yang penuh dengan unsur perjudian.


Olahraga sepak bola adalah olahraga yang sangat erat kaitannya dengan judi. Bagi penggila judi mungkin sudah sangat sering menemukan orang yang saling bertaruh dengan uang ketika ada sebuah pertandingan sepak bola yang berlangsung. Ini adalah hal yang sering kita temui ketika kita menonton pertandingan sepak bola besar.


Pertaruhan sepak bola adalah pertaruhan yang biasa di sebut dengan sbobet. Apa itu Sbobet? Sbobet adalah sebuah layanan judi yang  di mainkan secara online di suatu web atau situs. Sbobet adalah hal yang sangat marak di temui di internet ini biasanya ada di website-website sepak bola yang sangat identik dengan sebuah iklan sebuah pertandingan sepak bola besar. Memang iklan ini selalu menggoda dan juga sangat membuat kita ingin mengklik iklan tersebut.


Iklan sbobet tersebut banyak kita temui di Indonesia. Sbobet adalah layaknya seorang juri dalam perjudian pertandingan sepak bola. Banyak sekali agen-agen sbobet yang sekarang mulai bertebaran di dunia internet.


Banyak sekali agen-agen baru yang bermunculan tapi sebenarnya agen tersebut adalah agen yang sering menipu para membernya. Tentu hal ini adalah suatu kerugian bagi para member yang bergabung di situs yang menipu. Maka dari itu Bandarqq kita harus mengetahui tentang agen sbobet bola yang terpercaya. Berikut adalah situs agen bola sbobet terpercaya.


  1. Cyber Bola



Agen bola sbobet yang satu ini adalah situs yang sangat terpercaya untuk melakukan judi bola online terpercaya. Dengan minimal deposit yang sangat rendah memudahkan kita untuk bermain judi online di situs ini.


Dengan …

Joka Casino

Lucky Dragon Casino and Joka Casino



Opening December 3, 2016, is the Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel, which is in its finishing stages at the North end of the Las Vegas Strip, just a block off the Boulevard at 300 West Sahara Avenue. This is the first major construction of a new hotel in the city since 2010 (Cosmopolitan).


It is Asian-themed. Its name, its decor and its layout all show this. It will have an indoor/outdoor tea garden, with an “expensive book of high-end teas from all over Asia.” The food at Lucky Dragon will be authentic Chinese food, with la zi ji instead of chicken egg foo yong; no brewpub, no pizza place or steakhouse. Number fours are studiously missing from its hotel — no 4th floor, no number 4 anywhere on the property, says Chief Operating Officer David Jacoby.


When asked if they were hoping to lure visitors from China and the Far East, Jacoby answered with a sort of Not-Really. He said, “This is obviously an Asian-focused property, but not necessarily directly from Asia. We are focusing on appealing to Asian-Americans from Las Vegas, the broader regional population and even as far away as New York and Toronto.”


Both Toronto, Canada and New York City have very popular Chinese sections in their downtowns, filled with Asian stores, businesses and people.


Lucky Dragon is a smaller casino compared to its immediate neighbors, and in fact the number of hotel rooms is just over the Joka Casino statutory minimum set for this area. It has 10 stories and 206 rooms. As far as the casino goes, it is planned with 300 slot machines and 37 table games — but the table gaming will be mostly Asian style games including Baccarat and Pai Gow. Traditional western games such as …


Mourinho menginginkan zlatan ibrahimovic Bola88 ke Real Madrid



Master agen betting indonesia akan memberikan sebuah berita bola mengenai mourinho yang ingin membeli zlatan ibrahimovic ke real madrid. Di musim ini mourinho gagal merebut gelar liga spanyol dari tangan barcelona . untuk itu mourinho ingin menggaet pemain baru. Bidikan utama Musim depan mourinho adalah striker baru untuk menambah daya gedor real madrid.bidikan utama mourinho adalan striker ac milan zlatan ibrahimovic mantan anak asuhnya dulu semasa di inter milan.ketertarikan mourinho ini di tanggapi positif oleh agen ibra. Jika penawan harga sesuai agen resmi ibra bisa mempertimbangkannya untuk bisa hengkang dari ac milan setelah musim lalu zlatan ibrahimovit tidak berkembang di barcelona dan jarang mencetak gol, musim ini ibra kembali pada peforma terbaik saat diboyong ke ac milan dengan mencetak 14 gol dan 11 assist.


Semasa masih sama-sama di inter milan ibra menjadi anak emas mourinho yang menjadi pilihan utama skuat tim inti di lini depan inter milan. namun mendatangkat zlatan ibra tidak mudah karena milan tak ingin melepas aset berharga mereka dan ibra juga tidak ingin meninggalkan ac milan.


Jika zlatan ibrahimovic jadi hengkang dari ac milan media italia santar menyebut akan mencari pengganti yang baru. Sebagai kandidat Nama baru itu adalah mario baloteli yang bermain di manchester city. Tapi sulit untuk mendatangkan zlatan ibrahimovic ke santiago bernabeu pemilik klub tidak akan mengijinkan jibra pindah ke klub lain ataupun dijual.


Messi puji ronaldo karena keberhasilannya meraih gelar el pichichi


Agen betting indonesia kali ini coba bahas soal gelar yang didapatkan Cristiano Ronaldo. Kompetisi liga domestik sudah berakhir lionel messi memuji ronaldo karena menyabet gelar el pichichi pada musim ini dengan mencetak Bola88 40 gol di liga spanyol meski begitu lionel messi tidak berkecil hati meski pencetak gol terbanyak di raih ronaldo tapi lionel messi membawa klubnya barcelona ke final liga champion.


Di …

Togel Singapore

Gambling Psychology in Togel Singapore



Learning game strategies and paying attention to the way you manage your money is only a part of a successful players game plan. Developing a proper attitude is just as important.


If you want to be a winner you must learn to control your emotions when playing. This is a personal battle, one of the most challenging aspects of playing in casinos is not between you and the casino but between you and yourself. There will be many distractions and temptations that you will have to learn to control, you must develop a sense of timing and awareness so you know when to play and more importantly, when to quit.


In short, you must develop a playing attitude that will enable you to overcome the psychological barriers created by the casinos to keep you losing and to make it difficult for you to leave the casino with a profit. For example, when gambling at a casino, expect to win (rather than lose).


Granted, there are no guarantees that you will win, but likewise there is no guarantee that you have to lose. Always prepare yourself for those inevitable losing sessions. No matter how skillfully you play, sometimes everything will go wrong. Will you quit and call it a day or will you be like most gamblers and dig in for more cash, hoping the tide will turn? And how many gamblers have the attitude that a small profit is better than no profit or a loss? Not many.


Above all, learn to develop a sense of timing for when to play and when to quit. Playing blackjack, for example, if you are tired or have been drinking will cost you dearly.


These attitudes are not always natural. Most of them take an amount …

Togel Singapore

Online Blackjack strategy – advance your Togel Singapore winning odds.



Online free Blackjack is a great success among players. It has many advantages over the Blackjack played in traditional casinos. You can’t just come to a real casino and practice your skills there. Unlike it, online Blackjack played for free lets players master the game without losing anything.


A gambler who’s not very confident about his game skills can play the online version of Blackjack and advance new strategies. There are plenty of other games like Poker, Slots, online Roulette available for free. You might join some online casino and try its free games after what you might decide to play for cash.


A player should not take the game for granted. Blackjack involves knowledge and strategy; a player is to rack his brain to achieve success. Basically, one of the essential parts of the strategy involves the comparison of a player’s hand and the dealer’s one. When acting along with the dealer’s show hand number the player gets way more chances to enlarge his amount of winnings.


As for the card counting system, which is also a part of the basis, it can be both easy and clear or hard and complicated. The simple strategy can be learnt by any player for sure. Following the house rules is important as well, but the Togel Singapore player can make his own choices and put up his bet size if needed.


The best software companies ever


Have you got an idea what it’s like to play at a casino with poor graphics? Honestly speaking, that’s terrible. Casino appearance is one of the points you should take into account when choosing a casino. An online casino with cheap and unprofessional graphics can never be called as good and reliable. That’s why respectful casinos refer to …

Togel Hari Ini

William Hill Excels in the Gambling Business



In the business of booking and betting a good reputation is a vital component. In this, the William Hill booking company excels. With some seventy years of experience and nearly ten years of internet services William Hill is one of the finest and biggest companies in the world. Hundreds of thousands of content clients take advantage of these excellent services all the time. William Hill PTC is a UK licensed and regulated FTSE 250 company that is quoted on the London stock exchange. The globality of the services offered reaches 150 different countries and services are provided in any of 8 different languages and 11 different currencies.


William Hill Goes Mobile

Such global services require that William Hill have many methods of providing those services. This is indeed the case. Bets can be placed online, by telephone or via mobile access. The mobile service in particular is one of the newest innovations employed by William Hill and is increasingly popular. With the mobile service, as with the online betting one can place bets during games Togel Hari Ini  (what is called “betting in running”). All one needs to do is create an account and sign up and he can immediately start getting in on the action. When betting online, there are certain events which players can enjoy watching as they take place via live feeds.


William Hill is Not Only About Sports Betting

Aside from sports wagers (of which William Hill offers odds on practically any sport you could imagine!), William Hill offers other services as well. The William Hill poker rooms and poker tournaments are world famous and have been well publicized. In addition, the William Hill online casino includes a download version and a flash version (which has fewer games but does not require …

casino en ligne francais

Turning The Tables Cruise Diary with casino en ligne francais



The fourth annual european poker cruise took place recently. An international group including players from England, Italy, France, Spain, Scotland, Australia and America set sail aboard Festival cruise lines luxurious European Vision. They would experience fine food, beautiful weather and a different port of call each day to explore and enjoy. Oh yes, and a little bit of poker aswell. As the manager of the poker room I didn’t have time to take in all the sights and sounds but here is my diary for the week.


Sunday 14th September – Venice

Although the ship didn’t sail until 4.00pm I found myself on the docks at 8.00am waiting for the ship to arrive so we (myself, Claudio and Luca – the organisers of the cruise) could take all the tables and things on board and set about transforming the ship’s business centre into a poker room for the week. After all this was done it was up to the top deck to watch the breathtaking view as the European Vision slowly left port passing St Mark’s square and the Doge’s palace on its way out into the open sea.


Monday 15th September – Dubrovnik

I’m afraid I missed this picturesque medieval port due to catching up on some much needed sleep after the previous days exertions. I have been there before though, and the walk along the walls of the fortress provides panoramic views and is well worth doing. On a poker note Emile Elias captured the opening Limit Hold’em tournament and the live games established for the week were Pot Limit dealers choice and Limit Hold’em 6 – 12. Both of which went well into the night.


Tuesday 16th September – Corfu

Very sorry, didn’t make it off the ship again. If you want …


How to Win The Inner Game of Bandarq Poker



The river is dealt, it seems innocuous, but then your opponent shows his hand. The pot is being shipped to his destination and you start getting hot because he just sucked out on you. This is the definition of a bad beat. You no longer care about anything and start raising it up.


The minutes turn to hours and you’re still sitting at the poker table. Losing an ever increasing amount of money. But you do not care because it is not fair that he sucked out on you. It is absurd.


You know why you’re reading this article. This happens to all of us and you are not an exception. I am glad you’re reading this because that makes you one of the few that have the guts to take a hold of this phenomenon. It is not easy to face yourself and improve in this way.


If you take simple steps then you will easily get your black belt in the art of tiltlessness. All I ask of you is perseverance.


It is easy to lose control in a poker game, especially when things aren’t going your way. And your mind can trick you, tell you that everything is alright when in fact you are donating money!


Here are 5 simple steps on how to minimize tilt:


  1. What Are You Afraid Of? – I’ll begin. I am afraid of losing money and not having enough. You see, I am a professional poker player and I make my living off of playing poker and if I lose I can’t live (harshly put). What are you afraid of? Why are you acting like a lunatic when you get bad beat a few times at the poker tables?


  1. Goals – Recently I
qiu qiu online




Ketika mendengar kata judi, apa yang terlintas di benak kalian? uang. Benar, judi merupakan sebuah permainan yang menggunakan taruhan berupa uang asli. Permainan judi pun juga banyak sekali jenisnya. Mulai dari permainan kartu, permainan permainan taruhan olahraga, permainan casino hingga tebak nomor atau permainan togel yang lebih terkenal di Indonesia. Sebagai warga negara Indonesia, tentu saja penjudi sangat susah untuk bermain judi. walau susah namun tidak menutup kemungkinan untuk bermain.


Benar sekali, masih banyak juga bandar bandar qiu qiu online  darat yang tersebar di wilayah wilayah Indonesia yang memberikan kesempatan pada penggila judi untuk memainkan judinya. Selain itu, sekarang juga sudah ada yang namanya bandar judi online. Dengan adanya bandar judi online ini maka sekarang memainkan judi juga menjadi lebih mudah bagi masyarakat di Indonesia. karena itulah sekarang ini untuk memainkan judi pemain bisa bermain kapan saja dan dari mana saja pemain mau dan inginkan. Bagi kalian yang selalu kalah dalam bermain judi, mungkin kalian bisa gunakan jimat judi asli kalimantan ini untuk kemudian kalian bisa lebih mudah menang.


Judi memang menjadi suatu godaan tersendiri. Bagaimana tidak, karena dengan memainkan judi inilah maka pemain bisa mendapatkan sebuah keuntungan besar. Pemain bisa lipatkan uang yang mereka mainkan sesuai dengan aturan permainan. Ada yang bisa menjadi puluhan kali lipat, ratusan kali lipat dan bahkan juga menjadi ribuan kali lipat bukan menjadi hal yang mustahil di permainan judi. namun masih banyak pemain pemain judi yang mengira jika judi ini mudah dimenangkan. Hal ini tentu sangat salah. Judi memang mudah namun bagi mereka yang benar benar menguasai dan memiliki modal terbaik dalam bermain judi. modal terbaik yang dimaksudkan di sini bukanlah modal uang saja, namun lebih dari itu. Memainkan judi yang memberikan keuntungan ini perlu sebuah hal yang khusus. Misal saja, dalam bermain judi kartu, kalian sebagai pemain harus tahu …

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Penggila Judi Dengan Mudahnya Mendapatkan Uang Banyak


Agen Pokerking menjelaskan tentang Penggila Judi Dengan Mudahnya Mendapatkan Uang Banyak. Memiliki harta yang melimpah sudah menjadi keinginan dari semua orang. Keinginan bila tidak ada niat tuk melakukannya sama aja bohong. Mungkin disini anda bisa membaca artikel tentang permainan judi yang bisa membuat para pemainnya mendapatkan banyak uang. Bermain judi bukan hal yang langka, hampir disetiap pelosok kota banyak yang melakukan aktivitas ini. Tapi sekarang yang dominant adalah bermain judi online. Karena kemudahannya sehingga banyak para pemain lebih memilih judi online dan mempercayakan uang mereka di agen betting online.


Apalagi jika bermain judi di internet dengan menyambung di agen judi online terbaik, pasti akan menghasilkan banyak uang. bermain judi online tentunya poker online sangat aman dan nyaman, dan sangat berbeda sekali dengan permainan judi darat yang merugikan banyak orang. Mungkin anda pernah bermain judi darat dan apakah hasil yang anda dapat. Pasti hasilnya akan nihil dan malahan anda akan mendapatkan kerugian besar. Menjadi penggila judi tidak akan rugi, karena sekarang ini sudah ada permainan judi yang praktis dan mudah dengan bergabung di agen judi online terpercaya.


Rubahlah kebiasaan anda yang terbiasa bermain judi darat dengan menuju tingkat permainan yang baik dan nyaman di judi via internet. anda tidak perlu mendatangi tempat perhelatan judi. Anda hanya duduk didepan layar monitor anda dan memulai melakukan permainan judi online anda.


Keuntungan Besar Dari Olahraga Sepakbola


Pokerking Online mengulas mengenai Keuntungan Besar Dari Olahraga Sepakbola. Pada masing-masing jenis olahraga yang paling banyak di sukai semua orang di seluruh dunia adalah sepak bola. Padahal olahraga yang ada sangat banyak sekali. Dengan menggemari sepak bola akan selalu mendatangkan keuntungan besar, Itulah alasan orang lebih memilih olahraga sepak bola. permainan sepak bola sangat sering sekali digunakan untuk ajang taruhan bola. pasti anda saat melihat pertandingan sepak bola besar secara bersama-sama akan diajak …


3 Card Poker: An Introduction to the Game



Be it Omaha, Texas hold ‘em or seven-card stud game, it can’t be denied that poker has become one of the most popular card games today. Online competition is also gaining in popularity as sites such as and others are being created. Be it Omaha, Texas hold ‘em or seven-card stud game, it can’t be denied that poker has become one of the most popular card games today. Another variation of poker is the 3 card poker, and aside from Texas hold ‘em, has become the popular poker-based game played in casinos. Before we deal with the rules of the game, let’s look at first how the game was invented.


History of the Game It is said that 3 card poker was invented by Derek Webb in the year 1994. This game had a different name before and was called by other names that are Brit-Brag and Casino Brag. After Webb applied for and was granted patents for the game nenektogel in the United States and United Kingdom, he began marketing 3 card poker using Prime Table Games.


Marketing continued up until 1999 until a company bought the rights to the game. Shuffle Master Incorporated reached a deal with Prime Table Games and they got exclusive rights to 3 card poker outside of the British Isles. In 2002, the gambling regulations department allowed the game to be played.


Rules of the Game


The playing table for poker is usually setup with three betting sections namely ante, play and pairs plus. Players, first place bet on the ante section, wherein they can also opt to place a pairs plus wagers. After the players placed their bets, the dealer then deals each player three cards, thus the name 3 card poker.


Play here is …