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Gambling is fun and nobody wants to argue on this point, but besides fun, gambling is a very serious occupation that requires a player’s attention, skills and knowledge. Gambling does not imply sitting at a table deep in thought of what number to choose to take a step forward to being rich. To become a good player you’ll have to analyze all the time and, of course, be ready to risk.


The most important thing in gambling is rules. If you don’t get at least the basics, you will be more likely to lose, unless you’re super lucky. If you are willing to gain some gambling experience of a great value or pick some useful tips, attend gambling conferences. There you’ll have a chance to make an acquaintance with professional players.


There are numerous reasons why online gambling has taken the first place with many players. First of all, playing within your apartment is utterly convenient, since there are no formalities, no dress code. Secondly, there are two online casino versions you can use: a java-based version and a downloadable version that is supposed to enable a faster interactivity with casino games.


Your image is very important as well as you deal with other Data HK players who are people, not machines. According to your way of gambling they will decide how to act.


A Blackjack star


In 1970 appeared a star that struck all casinos and Blackjack players. He could earn a fortune in some casino, then switch to another and win a big deal there. His name was Ken Uston. Besides his gambling talents, he was an author of team work strategy at Blackjack. Card-counting was easy for him, that’s why he was called “the genius card-counter”.


At the age of 16 Ken became a student of the Yale University. Quite soon he became a Senior Vice-President at the Pacific Stock Exchange, which meant Ken was in the way to a huge success. After graduation he began his card-counting career straight away. Ken shared his experience with other players in his books and guides.


Ken Uston was also called a Blackjack hero. After a meeting with a professional Blackjack Al Francesco, Ken received an offer to join Al Francesco’s team. The main principle of their strategy was playing different Blackjack games at one particular casino and minding the count. As soon as the count got favorable, they started to place large bets actively.


Later Ken realized that he was mature enough to form his own team, similar with Al Francesco’s. In 1978 his idea proceeded successfully. A team of young, ambitious and smart guys started to conquer casinos. They would steal millions of dollars from a casino just playing Blackjack.