At the 11th Grand Slam for Children charity auction at wm casino Grand, Andre Agassi had two tennis rackets up on the chopping block.

One racket won him his first professional match; the other closed out his final U.S. Open.

Bidding ran up to $320,000 before Agassi’s wife Steffi Graf threw in a final bid of $360,000 to make sure the rackets stay in the family.

To make up for the next highest bidder’s loss, Agassi offered him a free tennis lesson. Without the rackets.

Grand Slam for Children, based in Las Vegas, assists underprivileged and abused children in Southern Nevada.

The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation raised more than $8.6 million at the gala benefit with over 8,000 people in attendance.

Audience members were entertained by performers including Counting Crows, John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, Phil Collins, Tears for Fears, and Michael Buble. The event was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Every October for Halloween, Circus Circus’ regular Adventure Dome turns into a scary Fright Dome.

Special this year is the Zombie Mansion, named after Rob Zombie whose Captain Spaulding (from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects) appeared at the grand opening this past weekend.

Spanning five acres, the Fright Dome also includes five haunted houses, 20 rides and attractions, three haunted ride films, and freak shows galore.

Tickets are $29.95 and $41.95 for Thursdays through Sundays from 7 p.m. to midnight, with additional nights Oct. 30 and Oct. 31.

Discount tickets can be found at Subway, Hollywood Video, The Tan Factory, and Terrible’s gas stations.

The show is not recommended for children 12 and under.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit their website

Elton John appears live from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas… on QVC.

This Friday, Oct. 13 from 4-5 p.m., John will be on the shopping network to sing selections from his new The Captain & the Kid album, a sequel to Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.

John will also talk about the story behind the release, including his inspiration and how it’s based on the 39-year partnership between him and Bernie Taupin.

Customers purchasing the CD from QVC (item #E01919) will also receive a bonus set of songs from John’s Fashion Rocks concert in New York.

John continues his residency at Caesars Palace with “The Red Piano.”

Have you heard the one about State Controller Kathy Augustine?

On July 11, 50-year-old Augustine died from what was thought to be a heart attack.

On Sept. 29, Augustine’s fourth husband Chaz Higgs, 42, was arrested, charged with her first-degree murder by way of poisoning.

This morning at the time of this posting, Las Vegas authorities are digging up the body of Augustine’s third husband Charles Augustine to determine whether he was also poisoned.

Charles Augustine, 63, was buried three years ago, and the drug succinylcholine deteriorates rapidly and would be undetectable; however, if injected in his muscle tissue, there could exist traces.

Succinylcholine is a muscle relaxant used by doctors to assist in inserting breathing tubes, but it can also be deadly to patients’ respiration.

Higgs is a critcal care nurse and holds a Nevada nursing license. He has worked in hospitals and clinics, with probable access to the drug.

When Charles Augustine was admitted to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center for a stroke, Higgs was his nurse.

Higgs then married Kathy Augustine three weeks later.