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slot online offers such a unique oppurtunity to make it big doing little, but it comes at a significant emotional and mental cost. Working a 9-5 job may not be the most magnificient thing to do, but for the most part, no matter what job it is, doing it performs a service or benefits society in some way. Admit it or not, that gives us, or at least me, some sort of satisfaction. I lack that satisfaction with poker. Unless its a live game, I don’t have any communication with anybody while I’m “working” and when you boil it down, all my “job” consists of is taking other people’s money and giving them an ass whooping in return. There is something very unsatisfing about that.
His post is somewhat depressing, but 100% required reading for anyone who is considering life as a professional poker player. Good luck Josh. Link
Anyway as we go over that, the WSOP main event is down to near 100 players remaining, and Raymer continues to kick butt, including busting someone out on the first hand of the day! Winning the WSOP main event twice also seems like a pretty good justification for becoming a PPP 🙂
I also need to append my observations on Sam Farha from two years ago… he’s not just a cool mutha, he’s my new gambling hero. Last night according to Pauly he lost $25k on $1k coin flips. That’s quality. He displaces my good friend Hamslice, who was previously my hero for losing $1600 at rock-paper-scissors. Good work. (Mental note: bring stack of $1k chips next time I hang out with Sam Farha.)
I actually have a very hazy memory of playing in a poker room about 5 years ago that had instituted buttons on the table for this very purpose (I believe they were wired into a central control panel). From memory, they were not in good repair and so the dealers ended up shouting most of the time anyway. I think maybe one of the AC rooms like Trop or Taj, anyone have an idea where this would have been?
I guess what I’m describing is getting out of my element in a hand because I feel like I have an absence of a read that I should otherwise have. Can anyone point me to any articles about similar concepts? I can’t recall any real analysis of something like this — is it bad, is it good, how do you treat situations when you have dirty reads in general. I feel like even though on its own I played the hand above sub-optimally, underplaying those hands in a game where I frequently have very good reads is better than overplaying them; if I have a solid read 50% of the time, it probably pays to be even more conservative when I’m not sure where I stand.I know Jeff personally, although I haven’t spoken with him for 4 years. He actually didn’t know that online gambling was illegal in ND. In addition to that, he reasoned that what he was doing was not immoral since he was playing the middles and therefore he was guaranteed of winning. This assurance of return, to him, meant that he was not taking a chance on losing him money. Jeff is a good guy, but I caution anyone who gambles because of the addictive power involved.